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Russian wives for Western men.

During seven years we have been successfully helping Russian women and Western men to find each other as we provide safe site where they can meet each other and start wonderful and warm relationships. We are incredibly proud to know that many hundreds of people found their matches on our site and now they are happily married. The high level of marriages is the best appreciation of our work as it shows that our work is done not in vain. We have many thousands of people registered on our site, every day more than 10 000 Russian and Ukrainian women come online which means that you can write some of them a letter and get reply from them soon. All the means on our site like letters, chat, game, photo contests were envisaged to help people meeting each other. If you have any questions or doubts then apply to Support chat – our managers are always ready to help you and answer any your question.

On this dating site you can meet now:

Russian girls ( women, ladies)
Ukranian girls (women, ladies)
Belarus girls (women and ladies)
Kazahstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia
Totally 9028 brides from FSU are looking for men to marry here.

Latest feedbacks from Russian women and men

  • Lot of interested members & ok to be paid member. But feel unable to proceed right now.

    Harsh, India, Meerut

  • Yes I found someone and I want to thank the site, she is Russian and we will soon get married.

    Javier, United States, Los Angeles

  • The website is very basic. This is a good thing. We have had enough of all those badoo/tinder like wensites where you have to do stupid games in order to match someone. H...

    Leonardo, Ireland, Carlow

  • I have found someone and don’t need this site any more

    Bruce, New Zealand, Nelson

  • I have been searching for more than 7 years, since my divorce. I registered on several different sites in the past. I just found this site about 1 month ago. But, on this...

    Joseph Fisher, United States, Tampa

Searching for happiness with a Russian bride

For many Western men it is difficult to believe that all the women on the site are real, because an average Russian woman looks like a top-model in Western countries. That’s why most part of men seeing so many beautiful women in one place does not believe that it can be real. They start to suspect that all these women are fake and that the whole site is scam created just for getting profit.

But of course they are those men who have never been in Russia, Ukraine and other Slavonic countries, and who did not see all those crowds of beauties walking in the streets. Many men believe that Russian women are keeping the essence of the women as they are more beautiful, more feminine. They take a lot of care about their appearance even if their incomes are less than moderate. They give more to their partners and they are not so much in feminism as Western women. That's why many Western men are dreaming about having their life partner from Russia. Just next to such a woman man has more chances to feel like a Man, to feel loved and needed.

So why not to make your dream about beautiful nice Russian wife come true. It is easy – just come, register on our site and try it. Maybe you will find your true love here? We have many beautiful and nice women on our site so have all the chances to meet exactly your woman.

Getting along with Russian women in virtual relationships.

Development on any relationships is difficult and requires a lot of everyday work and attention, so what can be said about long-distance relationships where people are divided by several thousands kilometers which can be a big hassle in their relationships.

First of all, do not turn your relationships into too much virtual ones. Your partner should know that you are not just virtual hero that she created in her head judging on the basis of your letters, but that you are a real person with real life, hopes, wishes, voice, etc. Do not hide in secrets from your partner, tell her about your everyday life, your plans. Do not write letters only. Buy webcam and make video calls, call her and talk to her. Be real man for her.

Also do not turn your relationships into long years of correspondence. Meet with your Russian woman as soon and as often as possible. Correspondence is nice, but when woman sees that your relationships do not develop and move further she will start to be sad or annoyed and search for some other men who will see their future with her.

Do not try to control life of woman, do not make her report you where and what she is doing, with whom she is meeting. Let her have her own life. If you will not control her she will be more willing to share some her secrets with you. If you will start to control her she will just feel pressed and with control you can destroy any good feelings from her side.

Also do not be in hurry, let relationships develop in natural way. Many people delete their profiles from everywhere as soon as they start to have interest towards somebody and start to communicate with this person only. Of course, if you like this person you should communicate a lot with her, but you should know that she also appreciates it. If the woman likes to talk to some other people and wants to keep it – respect this her wish. She should not be sentenced for all her life to communication with you only. It is quite normal if she communicates with some other people (provided that she is communicating with them as with friends, not telling to everybody about her love). If you love the woman – then trust her, otherwise you can ruin everything with your jealousy.

Portrait of an average Russian bride on our site

Many Russian women on our site are single, some women who come to us have little children and they are either divorced or never married and here it is difficult for them to get married again as men here have wide choice of beautiful Russian women so they prefer women without children and even if the woman who has children is wonderful she has not very big chances to get married again. The most quantity of women comes to the site from Russia and Ukraine. Some women register on the site from big cities, some women register from small towns. Many women who come on the site have already negative experience of relationships, marriages, divorces with the men from their native countries, so they come to the site in search of men who will value them as Women and who will see their future with them.

Unlimited communication with Russian brides

On our site you pay for period of membership during which you can communicate with the women, not for every letter or for every contact. You pay, for example, for a month – and then during this month you can communicate with all the women on the site from all the galleries. We do not prohibit our users to exchange contact data (emails, phone numbers, addresses, etc), we just ask them to do it not in the first-second letter.

Writing letters is the most popular way of knowing Russian women on our site. Every day more than 10 000 women come online and more than 50 000 letters are sent by our users. Especially important is writing first letter as it gives to a woman the first general idea about you.

Chat can be also one of the means to meet beautiful Russian women. Not all the women who are online are in chat, so you can write them short letter inviting to chat and probably after such invitation they will come there. But remember that not all the women percept it normal when some unknown man is inviting them to chat, so probably it would be better if you exchange several messages with the woman until going to chat.

One more means on meeting women on our site is the game “If you like me”. The sense of the game is not in winning, but in the process itself which gives you possibility to meet beautiful Russian women. More information you can find in corresponding section of the site.

We have several photo contests in our site for different categories of photos. Upload photos in your profile and put them for some photo contest. You will not only get rating of your photos but also will receive one more possibility to meet women. If some woman likes your photo and she gives you 10 mark then you will receive notification about it to your mailbox and from this notification correspondence can start which can lead to something more.

In profiles of the women you can see their status on the site (online now, visited within one hour, a day, etc). Everyday more than 10 000 women come online, you can write letters to the women from the first 100 pages in search result and be sure to receive the answer soon.

Love is the irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired. ~ Mark Twain

Russian women online now

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